Mar 3, 2015

The joy of painting

Hi friends,

Today I am sharing another painting. It's nothing fancy and certainly not commercial quality but it was fun and challenging. Painting provides a creative outlet when most of my daily life is routine and structured. It's not as challenging as I remember it from high school art class but that's probably because I've chosen simple themes and there is no pressure to get it right. If I don't like it - I just paint over it the next time. This happens a lot but it certainly saves money on canvas costs.

Here is the inspiration for the painting:

And here is how it turned out:

Not an exact match but you can see the resemblance. Next up I want to try a coastal waterfront scene.

BTW - have you been watching House of Cards Season 3? We are on episode 8 and loving it. Not sure it's quite as good as last season but still so riveting. Frank Underwood's ability to anticipate people's moves and outsmart them is legendary.

I leave you today with this important reminder on the importance of pattern placement:

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Mar 1, 2015

California Dreaming - Los Angeles Must do's

Hi friends,

Hope the weekend was good to you. As for us, it was busy and fun and we still managed to get the routine chores done along the way. One thing that has me particularly happy these days is planning our upcoming trip to LA. Today, I thought it would be fun to go over the places that are at the top of the must do list while visiting:

Abbot Kinney - Venice Beach

Venice Beach used to be a bit dodgy but in the last several years Abbot Kinney has become a super hip shopping and restaurant district. The beach area still has the eccentric attractions and weightlifters but this shopping district is like another world with cute little houses and quirky stores. Located just south of Santa Monica, Abbott Kinney is like its own little world. It's full of bungalows and cottages that have been restored and palm tree lined streets. The area gets it's name from the canals that were built by the developer. It's meant to be a mini version of the Italian Venice and it makes for great walks and house watching.

Santa Monica

This is my favorite area for serious shopping. An outdoor promenade and all the best stores. And some uniquely LA stores like Kitson and Fred Segal.

Manhattan Beach / South Bay

We used to live in this area - although not in these fancy houses. This is a picture of the 'strand' a stunning walking trail that winds along the beach and crosses through  the South Bay communities. We used to walk this path on weekends marveling at the beautiful beach houses and acquiring Jamba juice. Unbelievable, many of these houses sit empty. They are vacation and investment properties.

Melrose Avenue

This area was always very edgy and fun. Interesting stores and people. Not sure if we'll have time to make it back it here but it would be fun to check out again. There is a flea market there that could be hours of good fun.

Spa / Pool time

This will be a super important part of the trip. We are staying at the W in Westwood and I will be taking full advantage of the their Bliss Spa facilities. Maybe less time at their pool due to my pasty whiteness he he.


Some outdoor time hiking is in order too. Runyon Canyon is one of the most popular trails as it has views of the Hollywood sign and Hollywood Hills and the occasional celebrity siting.

And I can't forget all the yummy food places that I need to check out. In-n-out Burger, Wahoo Fish Taco and of course my favorite grocery store Trader Joe's.

Wahoo Fish Taco

Trader Joes

So as you can see - there is plenty of fun to look forward to :) Have you been to LA? Any recommendations on things we should check out?

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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Feb 27, 2015

Bright shiny things

Happy weekend everyone!

I've rounded up some bright shiny things from Etsy to get the weekend off to a good start. Mirrors, gold, and lights is the inspiration. I love them all :)

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