Jan 28, 2013

Keeping it real in the kitchen

Hey there,

So today I'll be posting more pics of my kitchen. It started out like this:

Actually, we added the glass doors to let in more light and the striped roman blinds to match the blue counters. Yes, that's right - blue acrylic counters. So lovely. The kitchen used to be really dark with no windows at the back and acidic yellow paint.

Here is what it looks like today:

The cupboards are Ikea and we had a finish carpenter install crown molding to customize them. The flooring is slate tiles which I sometimes find too dark but at the time they didn't have the hardwood floor tiles like they do now and we really needed something durable that wouldn't show every little thing. I would LOVE to have an island instead of a wall between the kitchen and dining room but it just wan't worth the cost and upheaval since that wall is a major load bearing wall for the house.

Future kitchen plans include:
- redoing the backsplash tiles (my husband thinks this is crazy but I want something more modern - or subway tiles)
- painting the cupboards - I have never been a fan of the creamy color and would prefer bright white

What do you think? Any suggestions on small improvements?

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