Feb 7, 2013

Decorating boy's bedrooms

My oldest son is now in the back bedroom.  This room used to be our TV room. We were sad to lose this space but the boys each needed their own room so we had to convert it and move the TV to the basement few years ago. Thankfully, we've upgraded our TV to a flatscreen and no longer have the behemoth shown below in the picture:

The room is perpetually messy as the boys pull out toys faster than they get put away. So please forgive the rather messy pics of what it looks like today:

We definitely, need to spend some time on this room. Key updates that I want to make include:

  • New double bed (so that guests can sleep in this room if needed)
  • New bedding - space themed?
  • New artwork - I would like to get some vintage race car prints from Italy that I've seen. 
  • Add a desk and remove a book shelf (this will come later once we have fewer toys)

As always, suggestions and comments are most welcome!

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