Feb 15, 2013

I dream of built-ins

On the continued theme of built-ins, I thought I'd share some of the photos that have inspired my current plans for the living room. Cosy, cottage-y, white, light, and bright is the look I am going for. We live in the 'Beach' area of Toronto and although we are a 5 minute walk to the beach area the whole Beach / seaside look is very appealing. Taupes, blues, and whites have a calming effect. I like to use neutrals for the big pieces and then get a trendy or colourful with the smaller details that can be swapped out every so often.

Anyways....here are some of the inspirations for our living room d├ęcor to be:

The photo above is the closest to the style I'm looking to use our living room. It even has a dark grey sofa and sisal rug!

These photos are simply amazing - likely done by professional decorators but a girl can dream!

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