Feb 18, 2013

Modern industrial dining room

One of the things on our (long) list to buy is new chairs for the dining room. I would love to get some sleek upholstered numbers but with the kids we need something more durable. We truly use our dining room - it is not a pristine 'for show' room. Sometimes I think how nice it would be to have 'for show' rooms at the front of the house that would always be tidy and formal in case guests popped by but alas we live in the real world. None the less - I continue to pine for fancy chairs and Olio Board makes that very easy to do. Here is a sleeker version of our dining room set that I drew up:

modern, industrial preppy dining room
The rug is a little bigger than it should be but it gives the general idea.
And for today's parting thought:

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