Feb 23, 2013

To Ottoman or Not?

Hello friends,

It has been a busy Saturday in the Marshall House between various lessons and a birthday party. The good news is that I was able to sneak in a quick trip to West Elm! Despite the chaos that ensues when one brings two very active boys into a furniture store with lots of breakables, I managed to purchase a coffee table for the living room. Not sure if I love it yet, but they have an excellent return policy so there are no worries.

Here is the table I got (you may recall me drooling over it in an earlier post):

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow of what it looks like in the living room. It looks okay so far but I am torn between getting an actual coffee table (advantage that is open and will provide more visibility to my built-ins when they arrive) OR an ottoman (advantage that it would be more functional and comfy and it might provide a more unified look with the sofa). Something like this:

Anyways....for the next few days I'll be pondering my options and hope to report back soon with the final decision. 

In the meantime, I leave you with the following parting thought:
Thanks for stopping by :)

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