Feb 4, 2013

Upstairs Bathroom Renovation

The upstairs bathroom was one of the first rooms we renovated when we bought the house. That was over 8 years ago and it has now been added back onto the list of rooms needing work. We fixed it up as inexpensively as possible back then because we only had one bathroom (not including the strange toilet under the stairs to the basement). The old peach floral tiles were removed and replaced with clean, white subway tiles and several coats of paint later the dark purple color was replace with a nice grey / green. Okay - truth be told it took several attempts to get the right blueish grey green shade. Here is what it looks like today:

And one more shot of the shower area to show off the subway tiles that Aaron did such a great job of putting up. 

When we get around to redoing this bathroom again, things on the list include:
  •  Replacing the old radiator with a small newer one (that possibly serves as heated towel rack too).
  • New shower head and spout
  • Replace shower curtain with glass (may involve replacing tub, may not be possible)
  • Replace vanity with one that has more character (still white) and a marble countertop
  • Re-tile floor with small 1920's style interlocking hexagons

Any recommendations while we're at it? 

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