Mar 30, 2013

Easter Flowers

Hi friends,

At the Marshall house we've been feeling very festive. I think it has to do with the winter blah's. Spring flowers and thoughts of Easter have brought us some much needed Spring cheer. Oh and all the chocolate we'll be getting - the boys are giddy with excitement.

Here are some pics to show how I've decorated with fresh flowers:

We had friends over for dinner last night - here is what the dining room looked like set up for company (keeping in mind that we had 5 kiddos so it was not an occasion to pull out the fancy breakable dishes but more of a get together with good friends)

We're off to my parent's house tonight. Once the boys go to bed, we will hide written clues as to where the Easter treasure is hidden. One clue leads to the next until finally they find all of the chocolate loot. It gives them a chance to practice their reading and draws out the Easter hunt a bit.

I leave you with this final thought:


Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

And thanks for stopping :)


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    1. Thanks! This reminds me that I need to purchase fresh flowers more often


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