Mar 10, 2013

Large Floral Prints

Hello friends,

We had a spring like weekend here in Toronto and it was so great to get some sunshine and warmer weather. It got me thinking about flowers and that led to thoughts of floral wallpaper! The big bold kind of prints like they had in the 1980s with Laura Ashley and lots of British Country Charm. With this in mind, I pulled together the following bedroom design board:
Flower Power Bedroom
 It ended up being a more modern take on 80s floral wallpaper - darker and cleaner lined but I think it evokes the spirit. This room would definitely need floor to ceiling windows across from the bed to balance out the dark paper with lots of natural light but I think its a really fun design. Not your typical bedroom look.

Anyhoo....I leave you with the following parting thought today:

Thanks for stopping by :)

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