Mar 24, 2013

Moving things around

Hi friends,

Its been another busy weekend around here and I am asking myself where did the weekend go? We did find time to make a few small changes around the house. Mainly, we moved the framed pics around in our bedroom. I never liked the frames we had before as seen here:

I am still planning to do something bold with the wall behind the bed - either temporary wallpaper or dark blue paint. But it was necessary to make things look better in the meantime.

Here is the simple change we made:

Apologies for the fuzzy light - it was afternoon by the time we were able to snap these pics. The room remains terribly pale and yellow and in need of major change! Just need to get the time to do something about it :)

I leave you today with the following awesomeness:

                                                                           Source: via Char@marshallhousematters on Pinterest

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