Mar 4, 2013

Painting Wood Trim White

Yes friends. Today's topic is somewhat controversial. Don't hate when I tell you that I feel compelled to paint out the remaining dark wood trim in our house. All that is left in our house is in the front hallway - and it is next in line for a glossy white paint job. Here is a before shot:

Dark right? Its a bad flash pic and the after will have natural light to make it look even more awesome ;) I resisted painting out this final trim because in some ways it feels like the last vestige of the old house and it has loads of character. However....the wood is in very bad shape with an odd reddish varnish. The work involved in properly restoring it would be overwhelming. And ultimately, I love the look of light, bright, and clean rooms which requires bright white trim.

Anyways...I hope to have after photos shortly!

And for today's parting thought, I leave you with the following:

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