Mar 18, 2013

Update: Boy's bedroom

Hi friends,

As I mentioned yesterday, we finally got the vintage auto racing prints framed and hung in my son's bedroom. Thankfully, the prints fit perfectly in Ikea Ribba frames so we didn't have to go to a lot of trouble to get them framed up. Wish I had a photo with natural light to share but the best I could do was a flash photo

What do you think?

Here is what it looked like before the posters for reference purposes (the lighting is much better in this photo so its not the best comparison but it gives the general idea)

Next up is getting a double bed for my son. He is outgrowing his toddler bed and it would be great to have a larger bed in this room in case we need to use it for guests.

And for the parting thought today, I leave you with this little gem:
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