Apr 17, 2013

DIY Art / Decor

Hi friends,

Today's topic is DIY art and decor. Now - I am the first to admit that I am a bit of a dreamer and a lot of things that look easy and fun turn out to be disasters for me. However, I am not one to give up easily and over time I have had a certain amount of success (at least in my own eyes which is what matters in one's own house).

First up, is our DIY chalkboard in the kitchen. Since we didn't want to have upper cabinets on both sides of our kitchen, we have a chalkboard on the one side instead. This makes our galley style kitchen appear a lot bigger and lets in more light from our triple pane glass doors. The chalkboard was created by using chalkboard paint right on the wall and then framing it up with trim. The good thing - we got the exact look we wanted. The bad thing - the wall is not smooth enough which makes it almost impossible to properly clean all the chalk off the board. If we had to do it again, I'd use a smooth board and attach it to the wall rather than using the wall itself. Anyways...lately I have been having fun with trying out different 'typography' type chalk art.
Here is my most recent attempt:

Note: the 'art' in the bottom right corner is ala my kiddos :)

Other diy art ideas I've been toying around with include making my own abstract art like this:

Or this:
Or these pressed botanicals:
Or this:
Or this Spencer Harrison inspired idea:

What do you think? Will I actually get around to making these?  (In between working 50+ hours per week, raising two amazing boys and keeping the marshall house somewhat clean and organized). Maybe....and even then it may not turn out as planned. Nonetheless, its fun to dream up these ideas.

I leave you today with this amusing thought:

Thanks for stopping by :)

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