Apr 24, 2013

Drape Decisions

Hi friends,

Today's topic is living room drapes. I have been trying to find the perfect drapes for our living room for two years. I have literally tried and taken back four different pre-made drapes. Thanks goodness for return policies - I never know how something will look until I actually see it in the room. The lighting and furniture placement make all the difference.

Up until two weeks ago our drape situation looked like this:

Since then, I took down the blue drapes and put up both white drapes. My husband thought it looked too simple and bland with just the white sheers. And I tend to agree, the room needs a more pizzazz.  Problem being is that the dark grey couch and plaster molding that covers the top of the curtains make it hard to find drapes. Anything dark ends up looking like an extension of the couch.

We think we have a plan though....since the pale grey Dwell fabric on the pillow looks so awesome against the couch, we are thinking of getting drapes made like this:

They are available pre-made on Etsy so the price isn't too bad if we decide at some point it's not perfect.
I'll have to change up the pillows so it's not so matchy matchy. Maybe add some pops of green like this pillow from Tonic Living
What do you think? Now that the built-ins and fireplace surround are underway, I feel like we need to gussy up the rest of the room.

I leave you today with this amusing thought:
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