Apr 10, 2013

Favorite Beach Inspired Paint Colors

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Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite paint colors. I have learned through painful trial and error that there are a handful of select colors that will look good in any room and many, many colors that look terrible in all rooms. Thankfully, modern social media has made the job of finding the best paint colors a lot easier. What used to be carefully guarded designer secrets have now been made available on sites like Pinterest.

Since we do all of our own painting, I never pick a paint color without testing it first and consulting online sources to see what other people's experiences have been.

Listed below are the paint colors that have worked well for us. They are all based on the 'beach / coastal' look we've tried to achieve.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey
We used this in our previous place so unfortunately I don't have a pic to share - but I thought this one showed the color off beautifully

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
This was the color in our living room when we first moved in as shown in this picture. The lighting doesn't show it off that well so I also included this picture to show it in a better light

Benjamin Moore Cloud White
This must be one of Ben Moore's most popular colors. An extremely versatile creamy white, it goes with almost everything. As such, I've pretty much done the whole main floor of our house in this color as you can see in picture here

Benjamin Moore Simply White
We've used this color for the trim throughout the house. It matches our Ikea kitchen cupboards and it is nice and bright white complimenting our lighter colored walls ( a lot of people use cloud white for trim but I find it is too creamy for my trim tastes)

Benjamin Moore Bunny Grey
We've used this warm bluey grey in our dining room  and in the boy's rooms upstairs as shown here

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
Love this color! I tried 3 different shades of green in our upstairs bathroom until I found this one. If you want a greyish blue green than this is your color.

As you may have noticed - all of the paint colors we've used are Ben Moore - this is mostly because that is what our local paint store carries. I also like that they have low VOC paints that barely smell at all.

I leave you today with this inspirational thought:

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