Apr 8, 2013

It's On!

Hi friends,

Exciting news today - Our carpenter called and he is going to start work on our fireplace and adjoining built-ins on April 22nd! So happy about this. But now I must rush to get the tile purchased and installed so that it's ready for him.

I know that I posted earlier that I had made a tile decision but.... I thought I should get a better idea of how it would actually look in the room. We borrowed some tile samples from the local tile store to see how they'd look.

This picture shows the marble subway tile and the slate option on the other side for kicks.

Seeing it in the room, helped convince me that the subway tile is the way to go. However, we'll be doing a horizontal pattern rather than the vertical one shown here. As a side note, my research seems to show that 'real' fireplaces tend to use slate tile and decorative fireplaces (like ours) tend to have more variation in the tile choices.

This picture shows another variation on the marble tile with a hexagonal pattern.

I find it too busy so we'll be sticking with the subway tile (plus we have a bad habit of using tile that looks like it is meant for bathrooms in other rooms of the house and I don't want to repeat past mistakes).

I leave you today with this decor humor:

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