Apr 30, 2013

Laundry room awards

Hi friends,

It's been one of those days today. A dear friend of ours passed away and we are feeling a little sad. I was trying to come up with a topic and it occurred to me that I'd really like to focus on some of the uplifting work out in the blogosphere rather than all the items on our to do list.

That got me thinking about laundry rooms and all the great possibilities out there - and that brought me to the laundry room awards. That's right - today I will be recognizing some of the amazing laundry rooms around the blogosphere. The world needs more awards and recognition and I am here to help (I might even make this a regular series if all goes well)

The first award is for 'Most popular on Pinterest' and it goes to this lovely laundry room redo by Kelly at the View along the Way blog.

Every day I see multiple images of this laundry room. People love to pin it.

The next award is for 'best use of color' and it goes to this turquoise number:
The award for most unique laundry room goes to this black and white number
Would you feel like you were being watched in this room? The laundry is definitely a great spot to get inventive and this room really goes for it. It from gorgeous blog  Flodeau

The award for 'Prettiest' goes to this elegant laundry room with its bird wallpaper

The award for most blogtastic laundry room goes to this green number here

The award for most serene and spa like goes to Jen at Rambling Renovators

Who wouldn't want to do laundry here?

And one final award - for the scariest laundry room:

This one goes to yours truly ;) We've tidied it up a little but still so much to go

I leave you today with this amusing thought:

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks so much for including my laundry room! I'm so sorry about your loss. Hugs!!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Thanks Kelly. So sweet of you to come by :)


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