Apr 9, 2013

Hipster Boy's Room

Hi friends,

Today I am sharing a hipster boy's room that I dreamed up on Olioboard. I have been thinking about we can do to my son's room to make it more vibrant and that led to this 'dream' design. If money and space were no issue, I'd totally go for something fun like this.
Modern Hipster Boy's Room
As a reminder, here is what my son's room currently looks like:

I am happy with the new race car prints but don't like where they are positioned. Perhaps if we put the bed on the other side of the room or paint the shelving / dresser it will look less like a 'messy library'. And so grows the To-do list!

I leave you today with this funny thought:
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  1. I'm visiting from Teal and Lime. I love the mood board you came up with for your son's room. I'm having fun coming up with mood boards myself. Do you use photoshop?

    1. Thanks for coming by! I mostly use www.olioboard.com for the mood boards. It's great fun and best of all its free.


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