Apr 3, 2013

Shopping List

Hi friends,

Today I am sharing my digital shopping list. It's really more of a wish list but these items are gorgeous and definitely worth listing.

First up are these beauties from Crate and Barrel:

As I might of mentioned before, I am totally obsessed with collecting bedsheets. Having awesome bedsheets inspires me to keep the sheets changed on our bed (and with our hectic lives I need all the help I can get).

Also super cute from Crate and Barrel is this pillow. It would be for our basement couch.
Next up, this slipper chair from Boutique Target. We need another chair in the living room so that my husband stops moving my arm chairs to the middle of the room (to create a triangle of sound with his speakers).

And this brings me to two stores where I love everything they carry and would just like to pop in for a visit. The first is a designer emporium in Toronto - Elte. They have an unbelievable selection of rugs and high end items but they also have some medium priced items for those times when one wants to splurge out on an investment piece.

Also a favorite is Design Within Reach. When I first came across this store when we lived New York, I thought it meant that the furniture was accessible price wise. Not so! The concept is that they bring hard to find mid century modern items like Herman Miller designs to the masses. I do love this look and would absolutely love to get a classic Eames lounger (that would also be the ultimate listening chair for my husband).

And I leave you today with this amusing thought:

Thanks for stopping by!

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