May 16, 2013

Best in Lighting

Hi friends,

I am back today with some more awards to hand out. Do you like lighting fixtures as much as I do? Today's the day that I recognize my favorites. Yay!

First up, the award for most coveted light fixture goes to this beauty:

The next award for most nostalgic goes to this elegant workhorse:

The award for sleekest light fixture goes to this shiny tear drop light:

The award for best use of geometric shapes goes to this dodecahedron (that's probably not the proper name for the shape but it has been a long time since high school geometry for me)

And finally the award for best DIY light goes to this mason jar number (is there nothing that can't be done with mason jars? they are everywhere these days - and I do love them)

And that concludes today's awards. I'll be back again next week with more fun awards - who knows for what.

I leave you today with the following amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!

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