May 1, 2013

Decor Do's and Dont's

Hi friends,

Today, I am sharing some thoughts on do's and don'ts for decorating. At least according to me. I'll start with a big I'm sorry in case I offend anyone along the way but I think most of you will agree on these items and possibility even have a little laugh along the way.

First up - Don't over clutter. Try to avoid these situations:

Do keep it simple - Less is more like in these lovely designs
These examples may be a bit exaggerated but they make the point.

Next up is Don't do fancy diy wall treatments like these:

Do use easily changeable paint colors to decorate - like these examples where the wall color makes the room

Don't try to make your house look like a castle (unless you are indeed royalty then by all means go for it)

Do Make your house a home and keep it cozy - like these inviting designs

Thanks for stopping by! (And do let me know if you have any additional decorating do's and don'ts tips)

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