May 20, 2013

Mantel Art

Hi friends,

Today is the Victoria Day Holiday in Canada - No work today! We have been busy painting the new fireplace surround and cabinets and thinking about how to finish off the room. One of the major decisions is what should go over the mantel. It will be the center piece of the room so it's important that we get something we love. To this end, I've tried out a few art options on Olioboard.

This one has a nice beachy look to it:
teal and navy over fireplace

This is one is more dramatic (it's too bad we have the orange painting tarp over the couch - I'd love to see how it looked with our charcoal grey sofa).
green art over fireplace
This one has a modern art vibe but I am not sure the colors would work in our room (we have teal not royal blue)
chevron art over fireplace

This is one of my favorites - I like the pale beachy look
moody art over fireplace
This one is kinda neat but my husband doesn't care for the swans
duck pic over fireplace
This one has a more classic look - I don't like the yellow in it but the greens are good
forest art over fireplace
This one is interesting - I could try to DIY something like this
wild chevron fireplace art
And finally - the old standby a mirror. This would give us more flexibility to change up the room with mantel accessorites
shabby chic mirror

What do you think? Any favorites among the bunch? Or recommendations?

Thanks for stopping by!

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