May 29, 2013

Kitchen Do's and Don'ts

Hi friends,

I am back with more amusing Do's and Don'ts. Today's focus  is the kitchen. So much to cover on this topic! And as always, this is the world according to me - feel free to disagree or share thoughts. The more the better :)

First up, DON'T go too girly in the kitchen like this

DO Make your kitchen fun and interesting with pink accents like this

Next DON'T leave everything out in your kitchen like this:

DO display attractive dishes and kitchen items in open shelving

DON'T keep tile from the 1980's in your kitchen like this

DO use bold, stylish tile to update your kitchen like this:

DON'T go all Darth Vader in the kitchen like this:

DO lighten and brighten around dark cupboards like this

I leave you today with this amusing thought:

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