May 12, 2013

Styling shelves

Hi friends,

Happy mother's day! Hope all the moms out there are being pampered and appreciated on this glorious day.

Here in the Marshall House, I've been thinking up ways to style our new built-ins in the living room (see my post from last week for the latest progress update). They are getting close to being finished and will soon need some decor items. We've noticed a few items that don't work as well as we'd like - in particular the top shelves which appear to be too short for most books. I'll post more about that later but in the meantime I am figuring out how to make them look beautiful.

Here are some of my sources of inspiration:

The colorfulness of these shelves
The simple elegance of these shelves

The trendiness of these shelves

The teal color of these (which would match nicely with our living room colors):

And in the spirit of Mother's Day, I leave you with the following humor:

Thanks for stopping by! And enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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