Jun 12, 2013

Bedroom Decor Do's and Don'ts

Hi friends,

I hope that today's topic isn't too misleading (some folks may be disappointed to find that this is a decorating blog!). Today, I am back with more do's and don't and a focus on master bedrooms. As always, this is only my humble opinion. Feel free to disagree and share your thoughts.  (and if you find your bedroom among the don'ts my deepest condolences!)

First up, DON'T keep old, brown shaggy carpet like this in your bedroom:

DO use graphic rugs to add some pattern and style to a bedroom:

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Next up, DON'T overuse Pink in the bedroom (actually, I think this goes for all rooms. Less is more!)

DO use pink with restraint like this bedroom

DON'T go overboard with holiday decorating like this:

DO embrace trends like this

DON'T decorate with scary artwork and ceiling fans lights like this

DO group pictures in framed sets and use graphic lighting like this:

And that concludes the Do's and Don't for today. Any that I've missed? Do let me know!

I leave you with this little fun fact:
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  1. Such a funny post. I love that pink bedroom (the second one!)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I like the second one better too :)


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