Jun 6, 2013

Beds for Boys

Hi friends,

We need to upgrade my oldest son's bed as he is still sleeping in an Ikea Toddler bed similar to this.
He fits it okay despite being a super tall 7 year old but I want to get him a proper mattress (I probably could have done this when he was 3 and outgrew wetting the bed but we are not ones to rush things around here!). Also - I am thinking that we could get him a double bed so that his room could be used as a guest room if needed. He is going to need a bigger bed anyways...so we might as well go big.

The question is what style? The room is quite light and bright as shown in this picture

I don't want a white bed because it will be too young looking but I also don't want a dark wood bed because it will be out of place.

I am considering the following options:

This one from Land of Nod comes in Navy which would be my first choice

LOVE this pottery barn kids bed in navy (but I'd skip the nautical them and the monogramming) 

This pull-out bed from Land of Nod would be fun for sleep over parties. I think the color would look great too (only thing is not sure how well this would work as a guest bed for adults).  

And in terms of bedding - I am most definitely considering strips like this:

Finally, I love the style of this green room  below. Would have to remove the top bunk though as I worry about the boys playing up there and falling out (my older son broke his arm doing this at a friend's place last summer)

Anyways...as you can see there are a lot of great bed options out there - I just need to get moving on this! Would love to DIY a head board like we did in our bedroom but time is so tight these days I don't see it happening. 

I leave you with this amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I vote for the spindle bed. :) I like the classic Jenny Lind antique style.
    But if you like the others, you could DIY it. They look like the thousands of DIY beds on pinterest.

    1. Thanks Will! The spindle one is quite awesome with the pullout mattress feature. Will have to see if I can get it in Canada

    2. I took a second to google the DIY head board, and thought I would link it.
      It is along the style of your first choice. And if you connect it to a bed frame properly (they put the 'legs' on the very edges of the head board instead of where the bed frame would line up) it could look just like the bed right out of the catalog. Just style it up with the striped sheets and blankets you like and it's something to be so proud of.
      It would be fun to see if you do go that route. Whichever you choose, best of luck,

    3. Thanks Will! That is a great help. Would save a lot of $$ (that I then would spend on other decor projects of course)


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