Jun 5, 2013

Curb Appeal Improvement Plan

Hi friends,

Today, I want to talk about curb appeal. With finishing up the fireplace, we are that much closer to being able to spruce up the exterior.

Here is what our house currently looks like and some of the areas we want to update:
Curb appeal updates

Would love to extend our front porch across the full width of the house like this:

Would also love to replace the grass in the front yard with a garden like this:

And of course, despite most of our backyard being taken up by our two car garage, a girl can always dream about having a pool like this (bet we'd have a lot more friends in the summertime if we had this pool in our backyard):

And so the to do list continues. Competing with project curb appeal are:

  • finishing our front hall (repaint front door, fix trim, paint stairs, add colorful rug)
  • decorating the basement,
  • redoing my older son's room
  • redoing our upstairs bathroom 
  • tiling the basement bathroom
  • wallpapering our master bedroom 
  • adding a third floor to the house

as you can see....I have plenty of blog topics to keep me going!

I leave you today with this amusing thought
Thanks for stopping by!

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