Jun 25, 2013

Dining Room Do's and Don'ts

Hi friends,

Today, I am back with Do's and Don'ts for dining rooms. These are just according to me and meant to be on the humorous side. So feel free to disagree!

First up DON'T decorate with chairs that look like national flags:

DO use upholstered chairs to add elegance and sophistication to any dining room (full confession: I have been drooling over upholstered chairs for years now. My Dining Room Board on Pinterest is full of gorgeous upholstered chairs that I am scared to purchase. We use our dining room for all meals, homework, and family assemblies so it gets pretty messy and need to hold off on fancy upholstered chairs for the time being. I do have these lovely chairs that I rescued from my neighbour's curb and hence don't need to worry about but in the future when things calm down a bit I will be purchasing high end upholstered chairs!

DON'T decorate windows with fluffy balloon drapes (and avoid orange oak colored trim while you are at it!):

DO dress windows with simple, modern drapes like this:

DON'T leave a floor bare and crying out for a rug like this:

DO frame a dining room table with a statement rug like this:
source: Candice Olson

DON'T Paint your dining room furniture to look like a deck of cards:

DO reclaim dining room furniture with a fresh coat of paint and styling:

And that's it for Dining room do's and don'ts. Do you have any of your own to share? Please do! I welcome your thoughts on this matter.

As a parting thought today, I leave you with this amusing item:

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  1. Hi Char, you make lol so hard :-)

  2. Thanks for including me as a 'do' - our dining room was definitely a 'don't' when we bought this place!


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