Jun 19, 2013

Playroom Ideas

Hi friends,

It has been a looong day today with work followed by kid's soccer followed by more work. But the good news is that the day is almost done, the weekend is almost here, and I am onto one of my favorite activities....design dreaming! Yes, today I am sharing some playroom ideas for my brother and sister in-laws basement.

They are still deciding on whether to go with playroom or a grown up room with areas for kids but I've dug up some ideas on playrooms to see if these might be of interest to them

First up, we have this simple play area mixed with a grown up area. I love the coastal shades in this room and the relaxed vibe. It seems to fit their requirements well

Next, is this design with wainscoting. My sister in law is very interested in adding wainscoting to her basement and this setup could work nicely

Next, is room that shows a combination of wainscoting and wall to wall built-ins in a basement. Not crazy about the paint color but overall this is a great design that would provide tons of storage and be fun for kids

I included this image because it has drawers and I LOVE drawers. They are so great for organizing. toys and really everything. I would do even more than included in this pick. Heck, if I was ruler of the world all cupboards would be converted to drawers. So much handier.

So those are the playroom like ideas that seem to meet their requirements. Which do you like? Any practical tips from your own basement decorating adventures?

I leave you today with this amusing item as we near the end of the school year:
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