Jun 28, 2013

What makes a great room?

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Today, I am sharing my thoughts on what makes a room look super fantastic. These are no fail design elements that make any room look fabulous. Many of them are what I call 'Good Bones'. They are more structural than decor related. We are looking at buying another house and I am always looking for these elements  because I know how hard it can be to work around not having them.

The first is high ceilings. I am obsessed with high ceilings. Ask any contractor who has installed new flooring for me. They would tell you how insistent I am that they keep the floor as low as possible to maximize the ceiling height (he - he). And don't even get me started on our basement reno where we lowered the floor

Here are some pics to show the difference that high ceilings can make:

High Ceiling

Low Ceiling

The next design element is a basic one that many homes have but I think it is super important. Hardwood floors. Area rugs on top of them yes. But wall to wall carpeting is never as nice as hardwood in my books (we do have carpeting in our basement due to the conditions but in an ideal world I'd have hardwood with rugs).

Here are some examples of rooms with and without hardwood to show what I mean

Beautiful hardwood floors

carpeted floors

Lots of windows and light are super important too.

And open concept rooms versus small closed in rooms:

And so that is what I look for in a room and a house. Anything I'm missing from my list? 

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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