Jul 10, 2013

Best Mud Rooms

Hi friends,

Today, I am recognizing some of the best mudrooms across the blogosphere. These hard working rooms have been styled up and made uber functional. I'm inspired by all of this greatness and I hope you will be too.

First up, the award for grandest mud room goes to masterpiece of organization and design:

The award for best color coordinated goes to this mudroom that uses pops of green and orange to create an organized, welcoming effect

The award for prettiest mud room goes to this elegant white and chocolate number:

The award for mudroom disguised as a tranquil oasis goes to this beauty:

And that concludes the awards for today. Looking at all of these makes me crave organization and clutter free spaces! I dream of having a mudroom at our back entrance to organize all of our coats, boots, shoes, and sports equipment.

I leave you today with this amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!


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    1. Aren't they the best? Like a staging area that keeps the rest of your home clutter free!


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