Jul 11, 2013

Decor Updates

Hi friends,

This vacation week is quickly coming to an end and I still have so much more work to do on the house! I have some small progress updates to share today and hopefully a few more at the end of the week.

I framed up this print and hung it in the front hall:
As a side note - No, we don't live in Chicago and nor have we....I have had some fun times visiting there and they didn't have a Toronto one so Chicago it was!

The other progress I have to share is the back wall of my husband's office area that I painted. Here is a pic of it in progress (Don't worry the paint job turned out a lot better once I did all the edging and added two more coats. The color is darker now which is good)

This is inspiration as you may recall
source: Martha Stewart

Next on the list for this space (although not part of the plan for this week)

  • New desktop that goes wall to wall
  • Ikea storage 
  • New office chair (if i can convince my husband to part with the existing one)

And that's my progress so far this week. I hope to have more to share with you in the next few days.

I leave you today with this:
Thanks for stopping by!

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