Jul 16, 2013

DIY Do's and Don'ts

Hi friends,

Today, I am sharing thoughts on Do's and Don'ts for the little details in your home. These are of course just the world according to me. So if you feel differently let me know! Enlighten me!

First up, while I am a big advocate of DIY, I think it's important to rccognize when a project has failed or still needs work. Pinterest always has an interesting array of DIY projects. Some that are amazing and make me wish I was that I could be so talented and others that make me wonder. Mean yes, but you know you've seen some of these!

Here is a example of what I would classify as 'amazing'

And here is a project that still needs more work in my humble opinion (yes - those are crutches)

Another thing about DIY and Crafting that gets me is projects that cost more to make than I can buy them item for. Now I am not advocating for buying cheaply made sweatshop products over homemade. Not at all. I am talking more about the craft projects you find at stores where the materials are pre-made and cost more than if you were to buy the finished project (and possibly turn out worse). Do you know what I mean?

Here are some examples of great DIY crafts that recycle or use low cost materials:

source: Martha Stewart

I also like that these are relatively simple to make and don't require an advanced degree in architecture or engineering to complete!

And here is an example of one of these over engineered crafting kits that capitalize on our need to create and add to land fills:

Overuse of color is another area that gets some projects into trouble. A few pops of  bright color can make a room sing but overuse of color or poor color choices is the easiest way to scare people away.

Here is an example of beautiful use of color
and here is an example of color gone wrong

So those are my thoughts on DIY. What do you think? Any you'd add or correct?

I leave you today with this amusing DIY item:

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  1. hahah! The crutches are hilarious. Great post!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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