Aug 11, 2013

Dining Room Vignette

Hi friends,

Hope you had an amazing weekend with plenty of time outside. The weather here was spectacular and we had a lovely relaxing time. I got lots done around the house which always feels good. In particular, we purchased a new bed for my older son and after several painful hours my husband got it assembled. It was possibly the toughest Ikea assembly we've tackled (it has a pull out bed underneath the main bed and drawers) and we have assembled more than our share of Ikea furniture. It is kind of fun to figure out how to assemble things but sometimes I lack the strength required to get the larger items together.

In the next week or so, I hope to have some posts  that show how his bedroom is evolving. In the meantime, I have an update on the fun accessories I purchased on my pilgrimage to West Elm earlier this week (with children in tow - which is always interesting).

I picked up these lovelies:

1) A small, square, white, lacquered tray
2) A blue glass vase
3) A paper runner for our dining room table

And then I pulled them together with some hydrangeas from my garden to create a summer vignette in my dining room

This one is my favorite formation (the money shot he he)

And that's what I did with my purchases. Have you purchased anything fun lately? Oh and I should mention - these are not compensated links - simply my humble shopping joys. At some point, I may try to monetize this blog but right now - I am just enjoying sharing all the decor thoughts constantly buzzing around my mind (I used to keep enormous scrap books and clipping files and it is so nice to have a beautiful, easy, digital way to do this now). It's all about the little joys in life :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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