Aug 22, 2013

Inviting places to work

Hi friends,

I've been seeing a lot of cute office accessories lately and thought I'd pull together a few options in a design board.
Office Options

Casual furniture
2,180 CAD -

Worlds Away stainless steel desk
2,035 CAD -

1,435 CAD -

MDF Italia swivel office chair
945 CAD -

Lapalma swivel seat cushion
895 CAD -

Driade shell chair
655 CAD -

Andrew Martin lighting
480 CAD -

Fabric office chair
180 CAD -

Contemporary lamp
275 CAD -

Hanging wall art
73 CAD -

Natural shades
65 CAD -

Umbra office supply
26 CAD -

Chanel typographic poster
17 CAD -

School desk

Threshold Windham Desk
140 CAD -

Threshold Windham Desk
140 CAD -

I think I like #3 best because I am totally digging the shelving boxes and muted colors. What's your preference?

This reminds me that I need to get moving on our basement office space. Painting is done but we need a desk board and cabinets. A trip to Ikea is definitely required but I am scared to go there this time of year with all the back to school mayhem (in a few weeks things will calm down and I'll make my way there).

I leave you today with this amusing item.
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  1. Fun! I love that white x-base desk and the fun orange chair in #2!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Yes - that combination would be lovely :)


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