Sep 22, 2013

Dark, glamorous Autumn thoughts

Hi friends,

Hope you've all had an amazing weekend. Here at casa Marshall, we are in the swing of fall lessons for the kids and starting to nest with the cold weather approaching.

One interesting event that happened this weekend, was the visit we had with our real estate agent. Yes - we are thinking about selling casa Marshall and finding a little bit more space in the same hood. Its not that easy to do given how picky we are and how much we abhor the thought of keeping the house pristine in order to sell it and then the (shudder) packing. My husband and I both work long hours and we cherish our time off with the kiddos so the thought of the stress that comes with moving has led us to put it off for quite some time. At one point, we thought we'd never move but we are rapidly outgrowing our current house.

I'll keep you posted on our house hunting exploits.

In the meantime, I have an Autumn inspired design to share. It's dark and dreamy and all the good things that come to mind with the fall season
In the mood for fall

Contemporary window curtain, 31 CAD / Portrait painting, 87 CAD / Barbara Cosgrove mirror, 725 CAD / Williams-Sonoma gold accent pillow, 155 CAD / Baxton Studio grey chair, 370 CAD

Very different from Casa Marshall eh? However, if I had a big, dreamy Victorian house I would go for this look in a heartbeat.

I leave you today with this amusing item:
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