Sep 30, 2013

Design within Reach

Hi friends,

A long time ago when we lived in Manhattan I came across this store called Design Within Reach. And being the decor loving girl that I am, I got excited. Look at all this fabulous furniture! And it must be a good price right? It says it's within reach. Ha-ha! Not so. What they meant was awesome mid century modern finds available for medium to high prices. But that's okay. I still love it for what it is. And someday, when I am more flush with money, I will own a lot more of it.

For now, I dream. Over on Polyvore, they are having a contest sponsored by Design Within Reach with the winners getting a $1000. Fingers crossed! Here is my entry:

I would eat here

Balloon lamp, 660 CAD / Chilewich door mat, 46 CAD / Microwave safe dinnerware, 62 CAD / Stainless steel serving tray, 130 CAD / Serveware, 115 CAD / Home decor, 17 CAD / George Nelson clock, 555 CAD / 3 leg table, 2,570 CAD / Black kitchen chair, 87 CAD / Low media console, 3,325 CAD / Media storage shelve, 3,900 CAD

It's very mod and bright. Bolder than I go in the real world but that is what is so fun about design boards.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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