Sep 29, 2013

Family Photos

Hi friends,

We finally got some family photos taken and I have few good ones to share with you today. My cousin, Laura Clarke, a professional photographer, took the photos down at the beach by where we live. I'm not going to lie - our family is extremely difficult to photograph. My boys do not like to sit still for long and we often get photos that would be amazing except one of the kids is doing something silly or upset because they were doing something silly and we asked them not to. Even given all these challenges, Laura did a lovely job capturing our family and we couldn't be happier. Below are just a few of the great pics she took (including some fun artistic ones):

If anyone out there, lives in the Toronto area and is interested in getting some professional photos taken I highly recommend Laura Clarke photography. To learn more about the services she offers, please check out her adorable website here

I leave you today with this amusing item (yes more fun with cats):
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  1. Lovely family photos! Your cousin seemed to have captured some perfect moments. I see a family gallery wall coming. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! You are right - I would love to get these framed and hung up :)

  3. lovely photos. I think it's so important to have photos taken every once and a while. Make sure to get them up on your walls:)

    1. Thanks Kelly! Yes - following through with getting them posted will definitely be a challenge for me :)


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