Sep 10, 2013

Random Art

Hi friends,

Just a quick post today as things have been hectic at Casa Marshall. I am headed to Portland for a trip with dear friends this weekend and have been extra busy getting ready.

Thought I'd share some pics of random artwork from around the house as I don't think I've posted these before:

This is the portrait wall in progress in our bedroom. Not going to lie - I don't love it. Still needs lot's of work and probably some swap outs.

Next up are my happy butterflies that grace the side wall of my dining room. These I like. 

Next, it's random DIY paintings in my basement. Except the Ork Toronto print. Wish that was my Diy too but I can't take credit.

Finally, I have a pic of my kitchen window blind. What's that you say? That isn't art? True - but it's pretty ;) And my mom helped make it. And who doesn't like pretty things?

So that it's for today's random decor pics. I leave you with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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