Oct 7, 2013

Fall decorating Do's and Dont's

Hi friends,

I am back with another installment of 'Do's and Don'ts. The theme today is fall outdoor decorating. It's meant to be a little tongue and cheek. Not everything at Casa Marshall is a Do I can assure you. Your thoughts and input are welcome as always :)

First up, DON'T put up Hallowe'en decorations that could embarrass your friends and family

DO use Better Homes and Gardens ideas to make a pretty, welcoming fall front door:

DON'T fill your entire yard with inflatables. Less is more people!

DO use a few tasteful decorations to welcome Halloween visitors like this:

DON'T create bizarre, religious scenes like this one (those mannequins have no appendages and what is the Pope doing in the mix?)

DO decorate your house with elegant yet spooky decor like this:

DON'T turn your yard into a fire hazard with this many jack of lanterns

DO have fun with your pumpkin carving like this:
source: Better Homes and Gardens

And that's it for today's deep thoughts on fall decorating. Do your friends and neighbours have any do's or don'ts going on? Do tell :)

I leave you today with this amusing item
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  1. Are you really telling me I can't have my yard full of halloween inflatables?!! (I don't own a single inflatable. Let the record show.) :)
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Kelly - for you an exceptions can be made :) I know you would choose only the most stylish and chic inflatables :)


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