Oct 15, 2013

Lighting Do's and Don'ts

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Today, I bring you more Do's and Don'ts from around the blogosphere. It's a special shout out to all the good, bad, and the ugly lighting choices mixed with recognition of the chic, stylish, and well placed. As always, these posts are not meant to be taken too seriously and please do speak up if I've gotten something seriously wrong :)

First up is an unspoken truth of builder basics. The boob light. Yes, that is right, cheap ceiling fixtures that resemble boobs.

DON'T forgot to upgrade the builder basic boob light or your guests will be secretly snickering:

DO select tasteful inexpensive light fixtures to upgrade your rooms and add some style like this one:
source: West Elm

DON'T use fluorescent lights. They cast an unflattering light on rooms, flicker, and generally lack style

DO use pot lights to create a bright subtle lighting effect that can be coupled with strategically placed pendent lights over islands and sinks

DON'T use 'hollywood' style lights in your bathroom like this (and don't get me started on that wallpaper and coordinating shell border)

DO select sleek, retro bathroom lighting like this:

DON'T rely on ugly ceiling fan lights to keep cool

DO separate your lighting from your fans and choose simple fixtures like this:

Okay that wraps up today's thoughts on do's and don'ts. Did I miss any? Any lighting mishaps you'd like to draw to my attention? Do tell :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:
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