Oct 28, 2013

More thoughts on house hunting

Hi friends,

I'm back again with more deep thoughts on house hunting. Firstly, I need a house now. It needs to be in my neighbourhood, three stories, and a good sized backyard for the kiddos. If you have one let me know.

Okay - now that we've got that out of the way....I have a few thoughts to share on the slim pickings available in our local housing market right now.

1. It is amazing how many houses have the cheapest fixtures. Most people can recognize a builder basic basic (boob) light pretty easily.
It doesn't have to cost a lot of money - vintage or antique would be fine. But I like a little thought and personality in my lighting (I am also a converted fan of pot lights. So simple, it's hard to go wrong with these).

2. Speaking of builder basics, plain bathroom vanities are also not on the love list. Anything like this cries out for paint, pizzazz or at least fancy knobs.

 I like a bathroom with tile, color, and style like this - fancy I know but I can be fancy like that sometimes :)
source: Linda Bergroth bathroom design

3. Cupboards that are too short. I have a lot of stuff people! And I need to hide it to give the illusion of tidy. Big cupboards are an important part of creating this illusion. This just doesn't work for me:

Now this is a dream kitchen (so many hiding places!)
source: styleathome.com

4. Red flooring. I know some may prefer this...but its just not for me. Red doesn't match my furniture and I just can't go there. I would need to tear it up and start over.

This is what I'm talking about

I like a rich dark brown, medium brown or even blond wood. A floor like this would be much loved:
source: houzz.xom

Okay - I think that covers a lot of what I've been seeing in houses lately versus what I am actually looking for. Would be so amazing to do a custom build and get exactly what we want. A girl can dream :)

I leave you today with this amusing Halloween costume as we approach the coming of the great pumpkin:
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I so agree - especially about the light fixtures and the flooring. I remember when we were looking for a home and it was so hard to find anything that was in any way stylish. Some were horrors - like the one that had a moon door (large circle hole in the wall) into the dining room with a huge painting of a nude hanging on the wall. Fortunately the nude would go, but the moon door looked horrendous. They also had tiled almost all the floors in different tiles and most of it was terrible.

    Good luck with the search.

    1. That moon door does sound horrible. I guess all the bad ones are worth it when you finally find the right one. Fingers crossed!


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