Oct 23, 2013

The house hunt continues

Hi friends,

We continue to house hunt and I must say I am  becoming impatient. The fall season is coming to an end and we are going to have to wait until February to start again. Boo. Its hard to find what we are looking for because we have so many needs:
  • It has to be in our same small neighborhood
  • We need more space but do not have unlimited funds
  • We don't want a major fixer upper that we can't live in due to the full gut job required (our neighborhood is filled with houses that are 80-100 years old and some of them are in pretty bad shape or duplexed for apartments)
  • I don't want something that is totally 'done' in someone else's taste that is very different from mine. A lot of the houses we've looked at fall into this category where I would have to pay for someone else's reno BUT then pay to redo it all to our taste.
Kitchens and bathrooms are a big deal for us. We need at least two bathrooms (with neither in the basement) and ideally a master bedroom ensuite bathroom so that I can have some privacy (it's tough being the only girl). In these old houses, ensuite master baths are hard to come by. I also really, really want an open concept kitchen. No bowling alley galley kitchens allowed. I can compromise a little but opening things up tends to be structural, messy, and expensive so I'd rather buy a house already done.

Anyway...thought I'd share some of the kitchens we've seen recently....

The first is this Mediterranean style kitchen (apologies for the fuzzy photos they were the best I could get off of the real estate site.
What I liked about this kitchen:
  • Open concept
  • Large island
  • professional range and counter depth fridge 
  • pot lights 
  • good layout
Things I didn't like:
  • Tan colored tile flooring
  • Ornate light fixture over island
  • Countertops (granite on island and butcher block on main counter)
  • Cupboards are painted a pale beige
  • Backsplash tile
So even though the kitchen is technically 'done' and I'd be paying extra for it...I would want to redo a lot of it to my taste... (I know a lot of people would really like this kitchen - I am sure this kitchen will make someone very happy. It's not the kitchen, it's me)

Next up is an even more 'done' kitchen

Things I like about this kitchen

  • marble counter tops (Love)
  • Espresso colored cabinets
  • Open concept with island
  • appliance
  • Cabinetry detailing and glass doors

Thanks I would change:

  • Range hood (more coverage with cabinetry less open space)
  • Make it wider (next to impossible I know)
  • Light fixtures (not sure you can see them all from the pics)
  • Floor color is beige - I would probably go with more white penny tile or something
  • Rad cover

So what do you think - Am I being overly picky? It's just going to be so much work and money to move that I don't want to do it unless we find something we love and are willing to sacrifice for.

I leave you today with this inspiration:
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