Oct 14, 2013

Wayfair Three Ways

Hi friends,

Hope it's been a good weekend and my Canadian friends have had lots of turkey and Thanksgiving goodness. We've got one dinner under our belts and a brunch to go tomorrow morning. I even got a quick run in this afternoon - and boy do I need to do a lot more of that to get back in shape. But enough of my work out woes, I've entered another Polyvore contest and have the results to share with you. Today's board is all about easy Wayfair living room updates. The competition is fierce and for some reason my boards always come out looking smallish but I enjoy it none the less :)

Three Ways

Clear glass lamp, 225 CAD / Boom floor lamp, 385 CAD / Rug, 125 CAD / Rug / Karastan area rug, 240 CAD / Wall art / Small item storage, 365 CAD / Mirror / Mirror / Wall art / Wall art / Throw pillow, 33 CAD / Mirror / Throw pillow / Throw pillow / Vase, 88 CAD / Throw pillow, 34 CAD / Throw pillow, 105 CAD / Mirror / Vase / Vase / Vase / Velvet couch, 1,245 CAD / Sofa, 2,370 CAD / Sofa, 1,535 CAD / Accent table, 325 CAD / Chrome coffee table, 125 CAD / Accent table / Accent table, 300 CAD / Accent table / Safavieh Eva Double Gourd Table Lamp (Set of 2), 180 CAD

I leave you today with this amusing item:
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