Nov 30, 2013

Miniature Winter Wonderlands

Hi friends,

Happy weekend! A quick round up of snow globes from Etsy. Love these!
Vintage style handmade diorama snow globe. Waterless winter scene. - MademoiselleChipotte
Tiny Snowman Snow Dome /  Snow Globe/ Winter Snow - poplaucard
DIY Snow Globe Kit, Christmas Winter Wonderland for Children Xmas Decoration, Waldorf, Deer Magical - The Magic Onions Crafting Children - Fairyfolk
Handmade Snow Globe - Holiday Deer and Bottle Brush Tree - CantonBoxCompany
Snowman Snow globe, Christmas Decoration, Personalization Ornament Gift - 358studio
Penguins in a  Winter Wonderland � Waterless Mason Jar Snow Globe Decor Playset - HeroDesigns
Handmade Snow Globe - Reindeer with Bottle Brush Tree - CantonBoxCompany
Peace on Earth Waterless Snow Globe - TheVintiqueBoutique
SNOW GLOBE - JuliesStore
Under The Dome Snow Globe Ring - TazasTreasures
Snow globe Soap Christmas / Oooh-la-la snowglobes - OoohLaLaTheSoapBar
Happy Little Tree - Snow Globe Christmas Ornament - small - OohLalaCo
Snow Buddies, Vintage Style Christmas Water Filled Snow Globe - Whachamadoodles
Snow Globe Ship In A Bottle Style Glass Ornament with Frosted Trees - thebrooklynhaus
Dome Ornaments Cloche with Bottle Brush Trees Snowman Mushroom Snow Globe Terrarium - laughterandlemondrop

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Nov 28, 2013

Photo Sharing

Hi friends,

A quick post today as I am busy preparing a case study for a course I am taking. Below are some favorite photos that I am considering framing:

 This is my husband's record player. He has an extensive record collection.

Which do you like best?

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Nov 26, 2013

The competition continues

Hi friends,

Yes - I am back in holiday mode today as promised. Today, I've pulled together another holiday theme-off. It's classic green and red vs. trendy gold glamour. All of these options are in the running as I upgrade our holiday collection.
Holiday Theme-off

What's your preference? I am just so taken with all the gold goodness this season. But I must say that most of my existing collection fall under the classic red and green category. Mixing is good right?

But I must say, we are real tree people. I need that piney goodness scent in my life. And with tree delivery and fraser firs we don't have too much needle shedding. I would consider putting up a second tree that was gold or white though. If one is good, two must be awesome :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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Nov 25, 2013

Oops I did it again

Hi friends,

I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled holiday programming to let you know that I've gone and fallen in love with another house. It's a fancy one that's out of my league. I've been looking at too much and now my expectations are all out of whack and I am having difficulty settling for what's in my price range.

We first saw this house last spring when it came on the market. It sat for a long time. We watched. It's come off the market but will re-list in Jan / Feb. I have unrealistic hopes that it can be negotiated into my price range. That is not likely. What is more likely is that we will become known as the local 'low ballers' and real estate agents will laugh when they see us coming.

Here are some pics from the house. You will notice that it is gorgeous. It is big and it is done. Unlike so many places where we live that are old and require a huge amount of work this one has been done. No more more jobs that don't go as I had hoped.....oh to dream.

 Open concept!!! Love!
Island needs to be repainted but the appliances and cupboards are stunning

 huge walkout basement with amazing fireplace
 Needs better light sconces and mirror but the bathroom is light and bright
Open concept!!!

And the most amazing of all - a pool! Think of the friends we'd have.

So there you have it. My dream house. Found. Just need to find the funds. Fingers crossed.  Donations accepted.

Okay - tomorrow we'll return to the regularly scheduled holiday programming

I leave you today with this amusing item:
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Nov 24, 2013

Holiday Decor Theme-off

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of family and fun. I was able to cross a few things off the old holiday list. I rushed out to Mastermind on Friday night to get the last day of their sale only to realize that the items I bought are not right but there is still time. I do this thing where I secret shop for the kids while they are browsing the toys. The store clerks are great about letting me 'hide' gifts behind the counter and covertly ringing them in. Then I come back the next day to pick them up sans kids. Works like a charm because the kiddos are so distracted by all the toys. Have you ever tried this technique or is it just me?

Today, I have two competing design boards to share with you. This year we are upgrading our holiday decor and I am trying to decide between jewel tones and classic silver white. Which do you prefer?

Winter Wonderful

Jewel Toned Holiday Decor

Oh....those jewel tones get me every time! What about you?

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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Nov 22, 2013

Vintage Christmas Goodies

Happy weekend everyone!

I couldn't be more excited to have some time off. We have a fun date night planned for tomorrow evening to celebrate my husband's birthday. Other activities will include my boys' hockey, more hockey, and more hockey. Just house league but still with two boys it adds up to a lot of time. Thankfully, I can't tie skates so my husband does most of the work. He-he

Today, I've rounded up a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments and decor items. These bring back a lot of memories and remind me of good times. I have a pretty nice collection of vintage items passed down from family members myself. But unfortunately, last year a number of items were broken by accident by over zealous children (mine). Now, I am I buy more? They wouldn't have the family memories connected to them and it may feel a little weird and empty to have somebody else's. None the less, here are some of the ones I'm tempted to purchase on Etsy:
Set of 4 Cloth Table Napkins for Christmas Holiday / Alpine Wonderland Green - SUZUYA
Vintage Ceramic Christmas Deer, Cheeky Reindeer, Reindeer in santa hat, 1950s christmas figurine, Reindeer figurine, Mid Century Christmas - ZomaleeVintage
Vintage Christmas Seals 1951 Vintage Paper Ephemera Santa - dishyvintage
Wood Christmas Ornaments Mushroom Cottage Erzgebirge German Ulbricht - A2ndlifeVintage
Vintage Christmas Corsage - efinegifts
Vintage Kurt Adler Gnome Elf Christmas Ornament, Plastic Retro Scandinavian Gnome or Elf - annegraham
1950's Vintage  Fancy Shape Christmas Tree Ornaments - whatsoldisnew1
Vintage Glass Bead Garland Christmas - efinegifts
Hearts Stars Oh My / Vintage Embroidered Table Mat / Place Mat / Small Table Cloth / Doily / Embroidery and Lace - NordicCountryVintage
25% OFF SALE Vintage Avon Christmas Brooch, Bells, Leaves, Gold Tone, Red, Green, Signed Christmas Jewelry - RetroRageVictoria
3 vintage glass Christmas ornaments, Shiny Brite shapes with double indents - oodles
Vintage Christmas Holiday Tablecloth, Large, Heavy Cotton, White, Red, Green, Home Decor - RustbeltTreasures
Antique Christmas Ornaments, Box of 12 early 1900's Poland & German Ornaments - Pikepicks
Snowmen Ornaments Vintage Christmas Decorations Miniature Wood Snowmen Putz Figures Winter Display - HappyFortuneVintage
Plastic Santa Blow Mold Vintage Christmas Decoration Santa Claus St. Nicholaus Red White Black Empire 1960's - RelicsAndRhinestones
Which ones do you like? Are you into the whole vintage thing? Are you as sentimental as I am?

I leave you today with this amusing hipster Santa:
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