Nov 18, 2013

Do's and Don'ts - Outdoor Holiday Decor

Hi friends,

Great news today - my ultimate spa bathroom design board made the Polyvore Top Sets List this week and was on the front page. Yay!!!

I am also super excited to kick off the first of a few holiday do's and don'ts posts I have planned. It's kinda like the naughty and nice list only it's the ugly and chic list. Of course, it's all meant to be fun and if you disagree please do let me know.

First up, keep the lawn clutter to a minimum, DON'T try to create Santa's army on your front lawn (or go all Clark Griswald):

DO put up a few tasteful and natural looking festive decor items like this:
source: Better Homes and Gardens
source: pinterest (please let me know if you have the actual source)

DON'T frighten your friends and neighbours with scary snowmen like this: 

Do create festive snow and ice arrangements like this:
source: Martha Stewart Living

DON'T put up decorations that will embarrass your friends and family like this:

DO decorate with tasteful greenery like this:
source: Martha Stewart Living

DON'T decorate random objects in your yard in place of trees like this:

DO light up the trees in your yard to celebrate the season like this:

I leave you with this amusing item:

We have so been there ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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