Nov 14, 2013

Glittery festive goodness

Hi friends,

I hate to bust out the holidays posts but simply have to. I am seeing holiday goodness all over the blogosphere and I can't resist.

This year, I am loving gold. So pretty and classic.

Here are some of the beautiful finds that I'm coveting as the holiday season approaches (although I already have way too many decorations and I like to keep things minimal and use a lot of natural decoration these simply can't be ignored)

For instance, I am love, love, loving golden bar ware this holiday season

And how adorable are these golden decor items?

And finally, how pretty are these ornaments

What holiday items are you loving this season? Or is it all a bit much and you'd prefer to bypass the whole season? that's cool too. I know not everyone loves this stuff like I do.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Some days I need this ;)


  1. Where do you find all the witty things you put at the end of your posts. I look forward to them and certainly love the wine advent calendar (although I would have to spread it out for more than 24 days, truth to tell).

    1. I find them in a lot of different places. The advent calendar one was from a friend's facebook post. Sometimes, I get them from Pinterest too. It can be hard to properly source them because they are so viral in nature.


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