Nov 10, 2013

House Contender #2

Hi friends,

The house hunt continues. We almost put an offer in for another place. The price was right and the house had some features that I really liked:

  • Amazing tall ceiling in the living room (almost two stories)
  • Wall of windows in the living room
  • Built in the 80's so no plaster cracking, rads needing covers or lack of closets (buh bye wardrobes)
  • Three bathrooms including a master ensuite
  • Nothing that we couldn't live with for a while
  • Slightly better location then our existing house 
  • Slightly bigger backyard then our existing house
  • Still in the general neighbourhood but further east

And some things I would want to change

  • The front fascade. I need more curb appeal. The changes I would want would be expensive
  • Although done, the kitchen was not to my taste and I would need to redo most of it (plus the kitchen is the first thing you see when you come in the front door and for people like us that could be embarrassing)
  • Bathrooms that need updating (especially the blueberry tile in the master bedroom ensuite shower)
  • No basement - with little possibility of finishing / expanding because the garage is in the basement
  • Only one garage that is in the basement which would mean serious shovelling to get out in the winter
  • Only 3 bedrooms (although 2 are giant sized). I am really hoping for a 4th bedroom that can function as an office / craft room / guest room.
  • Tile flooring in the smallish dining area would need to be changed (also it would be hard to fit our dining room set in this small eating area)

Here are some pics of the listing:

 (the dining area looks bigger in this photo then it really is. Definitely a wide angle lens shot. It is an extension of the kitchen and quite small)

What do you think?

Overall - for the extra $250K above our house it didn't seem worth all the effort to sell our house and move. I am super keen to get on with the business of getting a new place but it needs to be the right one because we don't want to move again ever (until we are senior citizens and need to downsize or go to the old folks home). In looking back on our current house, we have come to realize that we should have bought more house in the first place but it was hard to know back then. Our house has been a great investment almost doubling in price since we bought it. And now that we've fixed it all up to our liking its a shame to start over but there are limits to this house in terms of location and room to expand (this mama seriously wants her own bathroom that is off limits to the men / boys in the family!). Anyways...all this to say we almost put an offer in on this house but then re-considered over the weekend and are feeling pretty good about the whole thing (who wants the stress of readying your house for sale and moving over the holidays? Not this stress ball :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:
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  1. It is so hard to chose a place to live, isn't it. I hope you find one that fits you better than this one does. It sounds like you made the right choice.


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