Dec 2, 2013

Cozy Winter Dining Room

Hi friends,

Hope you all survived Monday. It was a tough one for sure. So dark. So Dreary. I need Sunshine! We are thinking about a winter getaway in the Spring and boy do I need it.

This is going to be another busy week for us. Three holiday concerts. Serenity now :)

To cheer things up a bit, I've pulled together a warm, cozy dining room design board. This would be my perfect winter getaway. Add some hot chocolate with Baileys, some good friends and it would be heaven.
Cozy Winter Dining

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Charlotte! I received the blogging Liebster award yesterday, and part of the fun is passing it on to other bloggers…I picked you! Details are here:
    Have fun! :)
    ps that song has always struck me as creepy...why is he watching us sleep!!?! :O


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