Dec 9, 2013

Festive decor at Casa Marshall

Hi friends,

As you may know, we are minimalists when it comes to holiday decor at Casa Marshall. We have limited storage space and time and can't bare to pack up and haul out tons of holiday decorations each year. I like to use greenery and sentimental items to make things festive and bright. We always get a real tree and usually wait until the second week in December to avoid excessive shedding. So next weekend we get the tree but this weekend we put up a few festive items to get the party started.

Here are some pics I snapped from around the house and front porch:

Love Amaryllis. My all time favorite holiday flower.

Holiday planter a la President's Choice.

I might add a simple garland to the mantel decor but am liking it clean and simple for now.

Festive bulbs from Martha Stewart's Home Depot line

Festive Hanukkah Star. Love this. My son made it in an art class when we lived in Brooklyn.

Boxwood wreath with DIY vintage bulbs added. Oh and an unfortunate silhouette of me in the window. Pay no attention to that :)

And that's our holiday decor so far. Tomorrow I'll post about the new chalkboard art I did in our kitchen. I finally got hold of some chalkboard markers.

I leave you with this amusing item:
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  1. Your home looks lovely. Sometimes simple is all you need. Yay for chalkboard markers ;)

    1. Thanks Jen! You totally inspired me on the chalkboard markers - I didn't know they existed until I saw your beautiful designs

  2. I love the picture of the little guy at the end. Where do you find your funnies - it brought a laugh today which was much needed.

    I love your clean and simple mantel too.

    1. This one was from a friend's facebook. Glad it brought you a laugh :)


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